About Us

Bary Baker and Brian Barker first met during business discussions on behalf of their respective companies. Barry was active in website design in a part time way and subsequently discovered that Brian was similarly engaged. Lunching together on several occasions the main topic of conversation inevitably became that of the internet.We are sure you can see where this is going and you would be right.

Heads were knocked together and here we are with our own website inviting you to contact us with the view to creating a website for yourself or your company or improving on your existing one.


Barry Baker

I started life in sales and marketing but always wanted to be my own boss so it wasn’t long till I set up my own transport business which expanded and eventually sold to my partners. In this business I loved the web and computer side so decided to go back to college and did a course in web design and marketing. This led to me opening one of the first Digital Magazine online businesses with page flipping Magazine technology and offices in Dublin, Sydney and a presence in London we grew to having 700 magazines online and were one of the forerunners of this type of platform. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the last recession and I progressed into designing and consulting on website use and implementation. In the course of this I met with Brian and we combined forces to bring all our skills to bear in what you see here. With all our experience we would love to help you in getting the most out of your website and guide you through what can be a bit of a mine field.

Thank you!

Sales & Technical

Brian Barker

I have had many experiences in my working life from having a paper round at the age of 13 to becoming a company director. The bulk of my career was spent in the Music Recording and Publishing Industry and in which I still maintain an interest. One of my responsibilities in that business was the design of what were called ‘record covers’ and/or ‘sleeves’. Upon departure from the record business and with my interest in design gnawing away at me, I took it upon myself to self educate in the world of website design.

Dabbling away for a while using various site builders I found myself somewhat disillusioned with the degree of control available on such sites and embarked on the study of more sophisticated programs such as Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla etc.

Now I’m not saying that I’m a ‘Guru’, not by a long shot, but please feel free to judge my abilities by browsing this site.

Thank you!

Design & Layout